Preventative Maintenance Plans for HVAC Systems & Appliances

Options include both prepaid & non-prepaid options for HVAC and appliance preventative maintenance plans.

Prepaid Plan
2 x's per year for $160 for 1st unit

-$20 off each additional unit

  • 10% off any repair parts needed throughout the year
  • Priority Service
  • Credit of 50% of up to 7 years of PM prepaid plan costs applied to purchase of new system
Prepaid Plan
4 x's per year for $260 for 1st unit

-$20 off each additional unit

  • Same benefits as 2 x's per year plan
  • Bonus: Includes filter replacement with high efficiency filters
Prepaid Plan
Bundle Package - $480 per year

- add $140 per additional unit

  • Includes 2 x's per year HVAC PM
  • Includes 3 appliance PM's of your choosing
  • All the benefits of 2 x's per year plan
No prepayment needed
Join our Call List
  • Receive text reminders for regularly scheduled PM on HVAC and/or Appliances, then you call us to schedule an appointment
  • Choose between 1-4 x's per year
  • $80 for 1st unit or appliance and $20 off each additional unit or appliance during same service appointment
  • Additional benefits offered in prepaid plans do not apply
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  • We will contact you to sign you up for the option that works best for you
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  • 10% senior and military discounts 
No prepayment needed
Appliance Only PM Plans
  • $80 for 1 appliance
  • $140 for 2 appliance
  • $200 for 3 appliances
  • $260 for 4 appliances
  • Applies to appliances serviced during same visit